Review: Uncanny Avengers # 6

Issue 6 of Uncanny Avengers is a wonderfully done in one story featuring the first meeting between the Mighty Thor and the Dark Lord; Apocalypse.

 Uncanny Avengers 6

Rick Remender and Daniel Acuna’s story takes place 1,000 years ago in the year 1013.  Apocalypse attacks Thor as a result of Rama Tut’s manipulations. 

 uncanny avengers 6 page 1

The entire issue focuses on the fight between Thor and Apocalypse, but followers of Remender’s work at Marvel will see that he is planting a number of new plot threads “in between the lines”. 

 uncanny avengers 6 page 2

What makes this comic so enjoyable is the fact that a new reader can just jump right in!  While Remender does reward his long time readers, the story reads so flawlessly that a newbie can enjoy it as well. 

 Uncanny Avengers 6 page 4

Daniel Acuna is the series new regular artist starting with this issue, and he knocks it right out of the park! 

 Uncanny Avengers 6 page 3


Uncanny Avengers # 6 is on sale now, at your local comic book store or on the Marvel Comics app on Apple and Android devices.

Digital reader?  Help keep your local comic store in business!  Buy a print version of this comic; it comes with a code for a free digital copy!

In Portland?  Buy your comics at Floating World Comics located at 400 NW Couch Street Portland, OR  97209 (503) 241-0227


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