Marvel Announces Superior Spider-Man Team Up

Today during Comic Book Resources weekly column “Axel-In-Charge” writer Christopher Yost revealed that the series “Avenging Spider-Man” will transform into a book entitled “Superior Spider-Man Team Up”.


Yost told the website:

“Well, in my heart when I say “Team-Up” for “Superior Spider-Man,” I probably mean “Versus.” In the latest “Avenging” issues, we’ve seen that he has a fairly contentious relationship with most of the heroes he’s encountered. And with “Superior Spider-Man Team Up,” that just gets bigger. I think in issue #1, he teams up with pretty much the entire Marvel Universe.

So you’re going to continue to see how Spidey —who up until now has been an incredibly arrogant a-hole –continues to deal with the rest off the Marvel U after what has happened to his reputation in the first few issues of Superior.

Spidey-Ock’s been acting, in his own special way, heroically. To me, the joy of writing Avenging has been seeing how the other people react to him and also how Doc views these people. He’s always looking down his nose at the others — even guys like Thor and Hulk — because in the end he really, truly believes in his heart that he is better than all of them.

With the relaunch, as you’ll be seeing in the months to come starting in Superior #9, Spidey’s gone through some changes, and will expand his operations. He’s going to be the best Spider-Man that’s ever been, and he’s going to take it to the next level. “Superior Spider-Man Team Up” reflects that. You’re going to get bigger stories. Like I said, in the first issue he teams up with the Marvel Universe, and you’ll see him interacting in a much bigger way with everybody.”

“Superior Spider-Man Team Up # 1” will release in July.



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