Free Comics

Between smart phones and tablets, digital comics are more prevalent than ever before.  All of the major comic publishers have their own apps for the Apple and Android devices, most powered by Comixology, except Dark Horse Comics.  (Why?  I do not know.) For a number of promotional reasons, all of the publishers offer free comics on their respective apps.  For example, DC Comics offers a book called “Sneak Peeks”, which is basically a few preview pages taken from all the comics they plan on releasing that week put into one book.  This is nice, but not something Fanboys are going to waste their precious gigs on.  Image Comics will usually offer most series’ first issue after about six months of that series debut.  (In fact, right now the first issue of every series that launched at Image in 2012 is available for FREE on the Image Comics app.)  However, Marvel Comics offers more free comics than any other publisher. 


Recently Marvel offered over 700 free comics via Comixology which crashed their servers.  The App is back up and running again at 100%!  There is still no word on the status of the free 700, but Marvel and Comixology have assured fans that they will have another chance to get those comics, so keep checking Unsolicited Fanboy Opinions for updates as they arise. 


Every Tuesday Marvel Comics offers 3 FREE comics on the Marvel Comics App.  These 3 comics will only be free for two weeks, after which the books will revert back to full price.  Marvel also offers a number of free comic previews on their app, but on any given day there are at least 6 full issues available for FREE on the app.





PUNISHER # 1 (by Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto)


For Frank Castle AKA the Punisher, death comes easy… It’s life that’s difficult.  New York City is teeming with methodical criminals and the police force is barely keeping its head above water, so it’s up to the Punisher to deliver his own brand of justice.  Released in August 2011


CABLE # 1 (by Duane Swierczynski and Ariel Olivetti)


Before “Avengers VS X-Men” back in 2008, Cable raised Hope in the far future.  Follow his battle with Bishop to preserve the life of the next Phoenix! 


 SUPER-VILLAIN TEAM-UP/ M.O.D.O.K.’S 11 # 1 (by Fred Van Lente and Francis Portela)


Originally released in July 2007 M.O.D.O.K. gathered a team of villains together for his most shocking scheme yet! 

 All of these books are available for FREE right NOW on the Marvel Comics App on Apple and Android devices…. What are you waiting for?  Go download them now!!!

 Last week’s Free Comics are still FREE!  You can still download “Gambit # 1”, “Hulk # 3”, “Annihilation: Conquest #1”, “Invincible Iron Man # 7”, “Immortal Iron Fist #1” and “Thor # 364” all week long! 

 Also don’t forget to download “Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comics” issues 1 and 2.  “Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comics” is a four-part serial available for free via the Marvel Comics app starting in March, the series was created for Marvel’s Infinite Comics brand, which deals in comics created specifically for tablets and other digital devices.




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