Review: Guardians of the Galaxy # 1

guardians of the galaxy1mcniven

The first issue of the Guardians of the Galaxy was a spectacular comic, telling an epic story with some of the finest creators in the industry today.

Guardians of the Galaxy 1 var<

It was obvious from last month’s Point One issue that Bendis’ run on the Guardians will focus on Star-Lord and his Father the King of Spartax. This issue furthers that plot line; the interactions between Star-Lord and his father drive the events of the entire issue.

guardians of the galaxy1campbell2

While Star-Lord is the book’s main character, Bendis still is able to give the readers insight to the motives of the other characters with limited panel time.

guardians of the galaxy1dodson

Artist Steve McNiven’s pencils are fantastic! The character designs are interesting and fresh. McNiven also has a great eye for detail, which helps when drawing alien beings and technology.

Guardians of Badass MCniven

Marvel has really been putting a lot of money into marketing the Guardians of the Galaxy as the next big thing. They’ve invested in high profile creators, Infinite Comics, and about 16 variant covers. If this book can maintain this level of intensity, the publisher should see a healthy return on their investment.


Guardians of the Galaxy # 1 is on sale now, at your local comic book store or on the Marvel Comics app on Apple and Android devices.

Digital reader? Help keep your local comic store in business! Buy a print version of this comic; it comes with a code for a free digital copy!

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