Superhero Hip Hop

dj spiderman

There are many hip hop songs that are about or heavily reference Superheroes and comic books. Once a month the Degobot will review one of his favorite songs that reference comics or Superheroes.

Artist: Dan the Automator and Kool Keith
Album: A Much Better Tomorrow
Song Title: Cartoon Capers

In July of 2000 Dan the Automator and Kool Keith released the album “A Better Tomorrow”.  The sixth track on the album is a song called “Cartoon Capers.”  In this song Kool Keith raps about a world where Superheroes and Cartoon characters are not only real, but where Keith interacts with them daily.

The song begins with a funky bass line from the Automator, after a few mearsures he drops the breakbeat and Keith starts to flow:

Check ’em out around the corner… Look at ’em… They runnin’ with Skeletor

I’m double checkin’

Yo Girl I’m smooth you call me Daddy,

When I walk out with Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty

With Linus and Snoopy, his back stage groupie,

I kick some styles that is fly, and show Scooby Doo!

Keith is rapping about a world where he gets to hang out and make music with his favorite comic and cartoon characters.

Photographs of Dr Octagon AKA Kool Keith and Automatic at Cargo, Shoreditch London December 14th 2006

Keith continues with:

We chillin’ with Yogi, the Bear Snoopy playin poker,

Tonight we send out one X-Man to kill the Joker!

While Keith continues to drop his rhymes, the Automator has added an organ to the beat, making for a groovy track.


Kool Keith name drops more Superheroes and Cartoon characters in this song more than any other I have ever heard!

Click on the link below to hear the track:



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