DC is Not Killing Green Lantern John Stewart

Earlier this week Joshua Fiakov resigned as “Green Lantern Corps” and “Red Lanterns” writer due to an editorial edict to kill off John Stewart, current “Green Lantern Corps” co-plotter Robert Venditti has stated via Twitter that there are not any current plans to kill the character.

GL John By Lee

“Lots of rumors out there. Here’s the truth: “Green Lantern Corps” writer Van Jansen and I have never even contemplated killing John Stewart,” Venditti said via Twitter. “We have plenty of plans for John. Plans that probably wouldn’t work as well if he was, you know, dead.”

The comment has also been re-Tweeted by DC’s Executive Director of Publicity Alex Segura, who followed up on Twitter, saying, “Seeing a lot of unverified reports on this. To clarify: John Stewart is not going anywhere.”

This sounds like good news for fans of the character, but remember this could all just be a clever ruse to throw off spoilers.



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