Marvel Mondays

Every Monday the Marvel Comics App on Apple and Android devices has a sale.
Single issues of a series are on sale for $0.99!
This Monday’s series is…

Uncanny X-Men (2008-2011)

Move out west with the Uncanny X-Men! In issue # 500 Cyclops re-locates the Mighty Mutants to San Francisco, California!

uncanny 505

Read how Cyclops turns the X-Men from a superhero team into a Mutant Army, by recruiting almost every mutant on the planet including Namor; King of Atlantis and Magneto; Master of Magnetism.


Read the first appearance of the Five Lights! (The first new mutants since the mutant Decimation.)

uncanny 256

Issues 500-544 were produced by some of comics finest creators including; Matt Fraction, Terry Dodson, Kieron Gillen, Greg Land, Ed Brubaker, Yanick Paquette, Carlos Pacheco, and Whilce Portacio!

uncanny 509

All 46 issues are on sale now on the Marvel Comics App and the Comixology App on Apple and Android devices.

uncanny 520

The sale ends TONIGHT at 8pm P.S.T.


uncanny521 dp varient

(Don’t have the Marvel or Comixology Apps? Seriously? They’re FREE! Get off your Yoga mat, and on your phone and get ‘em!)


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