Review: Batman # 18


The depression brought on by the death of Damien Wayne; the most recent Robin has put Batman in danger of loosing his sanity.  Violently lashing out on Gotham City’s petty criminals, and patrolling 24/7 (Yes, Batman is going out during the daytime) has caught the attention of Harper Row.

batman 18 harperrow

Row is a new character created by the series’ writer; Scott Synder.  Harper grew up in the Narrows of Gotham with her little brother Cullen.  They both have had a rough life due to abuse, abandonment, and a lack of money.  Row meets Batman for the first time when he was nearly defeated by the Court of Owls.   Near death, Batman escaped into Gotham River, Row spotted him near a hole in the ice and fished him out.  Batman briefly flatlined, but Row managed to help him with a home made defibrillator.  Since this, Batman has been keeping his eye on Row.

batman 18 row2

Row is the first to notice that Batman is not acting like himself, and decides to confront him.  Issue 18 is the story of that confrontation.

batman 18 row 3

Guest artists Andy Kubert and Alex Maleev give regular pencilist Greg Capullo a break this month, by taking over the art duties for this issue.  Kubert excels at showing just how much anger Batman is feeling right now, while Maleev’s success is showing the reader just how dark and gritty Gotham City can be.

batman 18 maleev


Batman # 18 is on sale now, at your local comic book store or on the DC Comics app on Apple and Android devices.

In Portland?  Buy your comics at Floating World Comics located at 400 NW Couch StreetPortland, OR  97209 (503) 241-0227



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