Review: Age of Ultron # 2

After only seven days, the second issue of “Age of Ultron” is here!  “Age of Ultron” is a 10-issue crossover event published by Marvel Comics, written by Brian Michael Bendis, which involves the return of Ultron and his conquest of the Earth.

Age of Ultron 2

The second issue doesn’t really provide any more clarity on the story’s origins. New York has already been decimated, and Ultron is already in control. Reader’s still don’t know how Ultron has managed to take over the World or if this story is happening now, in the future, or on an alternate Earth.

age of ulton 2 page 1

Moon Knight and the Black Widow are the stars of this issue, both characters get more panel time than any other, including Ultron. The heroes are broken and beaten down, but Bendis does little to explain how they got to their current mental states.
Bryan Hitch is back as the artist on issue 2. In this issue Hitch gets to show off his talent as a character designer. His Black Widow in this issue is downright scary.

age of ulton 2 page 2

Overall the comic was a good read, but a lot more backstory is needed. Hopefully issue 3 will provide some answers to the continuity questions.


Age of Ultron # 2 is on sale now, at your local comic book store or on the Marvel Comics app on Apple and Android devices.

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