Top 10 Comics of February 2013

On the first of the month, the Degobot will list his 10 favorite comics of the previous month.

In February 2013 the Degobot purchased 73 comic books.  62 print books, and 6 digital books. (51 Marvel Comics, 13 DC Comics, 5 Image Comics, 2 Dark Horse Comics, 2 Icon Comics)

The Top 10 Comics of January 2013:

NEW AVENGERS # 3: (by Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting)


The third volume of “New Avengers” is telling a grand story of epic proportions. The multiverse is collapsing and it’s up to the Illuminati (Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Blackbolt, Namor, Mr. Fantastic, Captain America, and Black Panther.) to fix it. The team gains a new member this issue, when the X-Men’s Beast joins their ranks to replace the deceased Professor Charles Xavier. The team witnesses their first incursion event since reforming. The heroes have a well thought out plan on how to deal with the incursion, which brings them temporary success at a great cost. The comic ends with the team turning on itself, and the reader is left with near hopeless that these heroes can prevent the death of the multiverse. Hickman starts to bring the Marvel Universe’s top heroes down some truly dark paths with this issue, makes one wonder if the reader will even view these characters as “Heroes” when this story is complete. (Published by Marvel Comics)

SCARLET # 6: (by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev)


The comic book “Scarlet” is not one filled with Superheroes wearing colorful spandex, but the story of a young woman whose life was destroyed by violence and corruption. Creators Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev tell the engaging story of how this young woman has chosen to fight back. The Portland based series explores the issues facing the modern proletariat. After a year hiatus this issue focuses on the next phase of Scarlet Rue’s plans, and introduces the intriguing new character Isis. (Published by Icon Comics)

UNCANNY AVENGERS # 4 (by Rick Remender and John Cassady)

Uncanny Avengers 4

The first story arc of the Avengers/X-Men mash up book concludes, setting the relationships and tones for the title. Rick Remender and John Cassidy have crafted a story that not only ties Marvel’s two biggest franchises together but brings back a fan favorite character not seen since the 90’s. The action in this issue is high, as the Avengers Unity Squad, which is made up of Havok, Captain America, Rouge, Thor, Wolverine, and the Scarlet Witch; take on the new and improved Red Skull. Throughout the issue our heroes take beating after beating, but still are able to come out of the comic successful. After the story concludes, the comic skips 3 months into the future to show readers what they can look forward to… and there is a lot to be excited about for both Avengers fans and X-Fans! (Published by Marvel Comics)

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY # 0.1 (by Brian Michael Bendis and Steve McNiven)


This special zero issue of “Guardians of the Galaxy” is another success for Marvel’s cosmic line, the comic, which re-tells the origin of Peter Quill aka Star-Lord, was supposed to be an 8 page introduction for the one-shot; “Marvel Now: Point One” but Bendis expanded the story to 30 pages… of Awesome! Star-Lord’s beginnings are filled with loss, longing, violence and death. Bendis excels at focusing on the story’s emotional beats, while artist; Steve McNiven’s cinematic approach to the action scenes helps to keep the story moving and Juston Ponser’s beautiful coloring increases the overall tone of the artwork. If this level of quality can be maintained then “Guardians of the Galaxy” will be one of Marvel’s hottest comics on the stands. (Published by Marvel Comics)

SAGA # 10 (by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples)


“Please Keep Reading” are the first lines read in the newest issue of “Saga” which is exactly what fans will do if the hit series maintains the high quality story telling that fans have come to expect from the creators involved. Issue 10 continues Marko and Alana’s search for their lost babysitter Izabel. This issue is an important one in the story arc due to the number of plot threads that finally collide. This issue feels epic because the reader knows that these characters are about to close another chapter in their story. Vaughan reveals some of Marko and Alana’s history together, which helps to further develop the series’ main characters. As always this is the most visually unique comic on the stands thanks to the engaging character designs and cleaver world building by Fiona Staples. Her last page of the issue fully captures all the different moods and feelings that Vaughan wants the reader to experience as this issue comes to a very dramatic and insightful end. (Published by Image Comics)

NOVA # 1 (by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness)

Nova 1 martin

This is Loeb and Mc Guinness at their best. The comic is cinematic in look, and epic in scale. The main characters of the story are clearly defined and developed. The book’s action scenes explode off the pages, due to the careful mastery of the creators involved. There isn’t a more heartfelt or action packed issue on the stands. The most interesting thing about Nova’s newest series is the fact that the man wearing the helmet isn’t Richard Rider, but a new character; Sam Alexander a teenager from Carefree, Arizona. Marvel has been promoting their cosmic line of characters lately, claiming they will be more integrated into the mainstream, reminding readers why it’s a Marvel Universe. If “Nova # 1” is an example of the standard we can expect from the publisher’s cosmic line, then Fanboys are in for a fun and exciting journey through space! (Published by Marvel Comics)

ALL NEW X-MEN # 7 (by Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez, and Marte Gracia)


Mystique targets the “Kid” X-Men, starting with Cyclops, and she’s rather successful. Every issue of this series has been an entertaining read, and issue 7 is no different. Bendis’ focus on character driven stories really helps sell this series. Marquez steps in as guest artist again this issue, which isn’t a bad thing. Marquez has a real talent for conveying the difference in age between the “Kid” X-Men and the “Adult” X-Men. (Published by Marvel Comics)

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA # 1 (by Geoff Johns and David Finch)


Geoff Johns expands the Justice League franchise by launching the brand’s third title. This Justice League works for the American government, a team of C-listers led by Col. Steve Trevor. Johns has a talent for bringing out the best in obscure characters, and is already writing the “main” Justice League book which is a big part of this issue’s success. David Finch has been drawing Batman for the last couple of years; it’s nice to see him draw some characters outside of Gotham City. (Published by DC Comics)

UNCANNY X-MEN # 1 (by Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachalo)

Cyclops was right

In October 2012, Marvel Comics launched a publishing initiative branded “Marvel NOW!” The purpose of “Marvel NOW!” was to provide clean and clear entry points for new and lapsed fans to get on board with the publisher’s most popular characters. Each “Marvel NOW!” comic was re-numbered with a new issue # 1, and the oldest running X-Men Comic was no exception. This new volume of “Uncanny X-Men” focuses on Scott Summers aka Cyclops, and his Mutant Revolution. It’s clear by the book’s introduction page that Cyclops is the book’s main character. He is the leader and visionary of the team. Cyclops is the subject of every page of this book yet he barely appears in half the comic. Most of the issue centers on a meeting between S.H.I.E.L.D. agent; Maria Hill and a prominent member of the mutant community. (I will leave out this mutant’s identity as to not spoil this comic for those who have yet to read it.) The first issue is successful in that it is very accessible. The story heavily follows the events and continuity of “Avengers vs X-Men”, but one who has never heard of the X-Men can read this and not be confused. After consuming these 22 pages the reader is completely caught up on who Cyclops is, and his mission statement. All thanks to the masterful pen of Brian Michael Bendis. Chris Bachalo is a veteran X-Artist, and it’s great to see him illustrating this chapter of X-History. Each of the main characters has been given a new costume, and Bachalo really makes the most out of the mutants new looks. Cyclops’ new uniform is probably the biggest departure from the character’s classic look, but it works, in that it reflects his new outsider status. The second issue of this series was also released this month. It focused more on Emma Frost and Cyclops’ new recruits. (Published by Marvel Comics)

STAR WARS # 2 (by Brian Wood, Carlos D’Anda, and Gabe Eltaeb)

star wars 2 by wood

The force is strong with this one. The new Star Wars comic has been everything fans have been missing from the franchise; classic characters, and all new stories! Wood writes the characters clearly and intently with a well rounded vocabulary. Issue 2 focuses on two stories one featuring Han Solo and Chewbacca and another featuring Princess Leia and her survivor’s guilt. Solo and Chewie’s story is cinematic in its speed and scope, while Leia’s story is very human and character driven. (Published by Dark Horse Comics)


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