DC Comics: May 2013 Full Solicitations

Today, DC Comics, Comic Book Resources and Newsarama released their entire May 2013 Solicitations.

flash 20

Above is the cover for “Flash # 20 ” by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato. Click on the link below to see the other covers, including “Action Comics # 20” and “Batman: Inc # 11”


All comics will be on sale in May 2013



One response to “DC Comics: May 2013 Full Solicitations

  1. The 2 New 52 series starting in May won’t last too much, in my opinion.
    First of all, it looks like there won’t be any superhero in both of them: you can’t make a DC comic book without a superhero, it’s like trying to make spaghettis without the tomato sauce. What you can make is a Vertigo comic book without superheroes – in fact, when I read the description of those 2 series, I instantly thought “DC should have put them in the Vertigo section, in the New 52 line they are a fish out of water.”
    Secondly, both of them seem to be strictly related to the current tragic political-economic situation, and this is a wrong idea, in my opinion. A comic book is supposed to entertain you, to make you stop thinking about your problems: those series, on the contrary, seem to be entirely built on the problems most people have, so probably even in the Vertigo line they wouldn’t have had much success.
    Of course the one written by miss Simone has more chances to last, because there’s a big name writing it, but I think that, when the concept is not appealing, no matter how good the writer is, the comic book won’t work. Yes, it will make huge numbers for the first months, as usual when an A – list writer is involved, but in the long run people will start thinking “I don’t care who’s writing it, it’s not my cup of tea!” and leave the title.

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