Geoff Johns: Leaving Green Lantern

Writer Geoff Johns announced today, via DC’s publicity blog, “The Source” that he and artist Doug Mahnke’s are leaving the book “Green Lantern” with May’s issue # 20.

Johns has been writing the adventures of Green Lantern for the past 9 years. In his post Johns notes that between the Green Lantern monthly series, Green Lantern: Rebirth, the Darkest Night, the various one-shots, and specials that he has written over 100 issues of Green Lantern. Johns writes that he is leaving the book with a little sadness because he loves every single one of the characters, but also that the book is still doing great, that the characters are as vibrant as ever and that he would like to go out how he started – on a high note.

Click on the link below to read Johns entire post.

Johns also states in the post that he will be focusing his time moving forward, working on the Justice League franchise.

This is huge news, Johns has been the driving force behind Green Lantern for practically a decade! What this means for the future of the Green Lantern franchise is anyone’s guess.


“Green Lantern # 20” by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke will be on sale this May at your local comic book store or on the DC Comics App on Apple and Android devices.



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