Welcome to the first installment of “Unsolicited Fanboy Opinions”. The purpose of this Blog is to discuss the Comics Industry its writers, artists, announcements, and conventions all in a positive light. I find that most of the reviews that I read online are written by a reviewer/”fan” who doesn’t even like comic books, or at the very least mainstream comic books. They’ll be given a single issue of a series and write a review. Sometimes the reviewer/”fan” volunteers to read a specific book, but often times the reviewer/”fan” will read the book because their editor told them too. Other reviewers/”fans” will dismiss any major release by the “Big Two” automatically. Under these reviewers/”fans” a book like “Avengers VS X-Men”, or “Flashpoint” will never get a decent write up. Many reviewers/”fans” speak of books they buy, but do not read and what to do about it. (My brother is one of these guys.)

I am not one of these reviewers/”fans”. I go to my local comic shop (Floating World Comics in Portland, OR… What up Jason!) every Wednesday! I’m in there by noon, and leave about $50-$60 poorer every week. In fact I haven’t missed a Wednesday since 2003. (As long as you don’t count the 2 Wednesdays I missed for Burning Man 2010, and 2011. But those were both planned, and my books were held.) Why am I in the store like clockwork every Wednesday? Because I cannot wait for the week’s new comics! I start thinking about Wednesday’s books the prior Friday when Newsarama and Comic Book Resources release the Marvel Previews. (I do try to avoid all types of spoilers though.) I have to upload my free digital copies (Thanks Marvel!) to my iPad as soon as I get home from the store. I am obsessed with comics, and have been ever since I was 10 years old when my Mother brought me to a Lone Star Comics in Irving, TX and I picked up my first Comic Book; “X-Men #1” by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee. The next week we went back and I got issue #2, plus “The Amazing Spider-Man #362”. I was hooked I just fell in love with this art form, and industry. I also love the community, especially the online community.

When I was a kid (Old Man Lecture – Look Out!) one did not have the opportunity to discuss the week’s comics outside of their local comic shop. Comic collecting was done by a select few, and if you met a brother Shamus in person, you’d most likely become friends for life, if for no other reason than to have someone to talk comics with. But today things are different. We are united. We are one. We have a collective voice in which to discuss this medium which we love so much. Whether it’s Mephesto erasing Spider-Man’s marriage or Flash erasing DC’s continuity we can talk about it together. But in most cases talking turns into complaining or just straight up Bitching. Personally, I get tired of that. I am not going to quit collecting comics because Doc Ock “killed” Peter Parker, or because Superboy can change reality with a punch. I LOVE comic books. Period.

This Blog will discuss these events. Not bitch about them. If Doc Ock is now the Superior Spider-Man, that will be accepted and discussed. This Blog will not waste time hypothesizing Marvel or DC’s motives, for we already know their motives. (Here’s a hint; it’s to sell comics!) Instead I will just discuss the stories, and the possibilities those stories can bring. The “Hot” topics facing the industry today, such as re-numbering, women in comics, and creator’s rights will be discussed, but in a positive manner. Single issues will be reviewed from the same perspective as the consumer, for I receive no “comp” comics. Every issue I review, I purchased from my Local Comic Store. If a single issue receives a negative review, it will be due to quality, not personal taste.

I’ll close this first installment with a little background on my personal tastes. I’m a Marvel guy. As stated above my first Comic was “X-Men #1” by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee. As we all know, a fan’s first comic leaves a lasting impression on them. I was no different. X-Men comics make up the majority of my comic collection, as does Marvel Comics in general. Jim Lee being Co-publisher over at DC has increased my DC purchasing since the New 52, but historically and currently I purchase more Marvel books than any other publisher. But Jim Lee left his mark on my young comic book psyche and in my second year of comic collecting he helped launch Image Comics, which had a lasting impression on how I would collect comics. Image brought to my attention that I enjoyed following the creators just as much, if not more than I did the characters. Following creators also exposed me to more characters and publishers. Most of the comics I purchase are for the creators of the comic. The only comics I buy for the characters are X-Men comics. I do have a love for all the major comic characters, such as Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, and Iron Man. It’s just my humble opinion that the publishers produce so many comics starring those characters that I can pick and choose which ones I buy. I usually do so by creator. My all time favorite creators are Jim Lee and Brian Michael Bendis. I will buy any comic made by either of these two, and most likely give it a positive review. I do enjoy finding new creators to follow as well, which is why I’ll still pick up a random comic from time to time. Got to keep the water in the well fresh.

I hope you enjoy following this Blog. Please feel free to share with friends.


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